How to make a payment arrangement in the My TELUS app

TELUS knows that sometimes we can have a hard time paying. If this is the case and you are falling behind, you can use your My TELUS app to make a payment arrangement.

If you have an overdue balance, you will receive a notice on your overview page prompting you to either make a payment now or set up a payment arrangement.

Note: You will not be able to continue and use the app unless action is taken

If your account is eligible for self-serve payment arrangements, you will see the available options. Follow the steps below to complete your payment arrangement.

1. Log in to the My TELUS app on your handset using the username and password required for

2. A prompt should request you to:

  • Pay bill in full

    • This link redirects you to the Make a payment screen.

  • Make an arrangement

    • A screen to set up a payment arrangement will appear, along with payment instalment option

3. Select your preferred option

4. Click Submit

Review your payment arrangement screen as it confirms the instalment details and offers to add a reminder or calendar events with payment details to help you respect the payment arrangement.

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