Sign up for pre-authorized payments in your My TELUS App

Did you know you can sign-up for or update pre-authorized payments on My TELUS app? Choose if you want to use your banking account , Visa (Credit and Debit), MasterCard, or an American Express credit card.

Follow the steps below within your My TELUS app :

  1. Log in to the My TELUS app on the device using the username and password required for

  2. Select
    using the menu found across the bottom of the page

  3. Select
    Set up pre-authorized payments
    Update Payment Info

    Set up pre-authorized payments
  4. Select
    Bank Account
    Credit Card

    Credit card or bank account
  5. Enter the following information:

  • For a
    Bank Account

    • Transit Number

    • Institution Number

    • Account Number

      Bank account info

      : Select
      Need Help
      to see the location of these details on a cheque.

  • For a
    Credit card

    • Cardholder name

    • Card number

    • Expiry date

    • Three-digit Card Security Code (CSC)

      Credit card
  1. Review and check the box to accept the terms

  2. Select

A confirmation screen will appear advising it may
take a bill cycle to take effect
. If there is a balance owing you will be prompted to pay the bill.

: To add or update via My TELUS online portal, see
How to add your pre-authorized payment information

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