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Supply chain management

Making the complexities of supply chain management, easy

We know you prioritize transparency, sourcing and sustainability. We’ve made it easy for you to oversee the supply chain from end to end, identify areas of vulnerability and improve dependability.

  • Supply chain transparency

    Build and manage a stronger supply chain

    Proactively manage risk, build holistic understanding of product origin, and improve security of supply, with a single, centralized platform.

    • Prove product sourcing and provenance -React quickly to food and allergen labeling scares
    • Gain greater supply chain visibility
    • Reduce the administrative burden on teams by inviting suppliers to upload and manage their own compliance documentation
    • Maintain the highest standards with suppliers for Plan A and corporate responsibilities
    • Join other companies that collectively have over 72,000 sites and 121 countries in one platform
  • Product performance

    Make better, more timely decisions

    Build a more informed product strategy with tools that help identify performance trends over time. With validation tools, it’s possible to respond to problems in real time and pinpoint opportunities for development.

    • Spot product performance trends
    • Enable suppliers to self-assess themselves against company criteria
    • Identify good stories and areas for improvement
    • Gain immediate visibility into the performance at all levels of the supply chain
  • Audits and assessment

    Set high standards - and exceed them

    Create and manage audits in one simple tool across all your suppliers. Safeguard brand reputation and differentiation to ensure accurate and consistent audit and site assessment data, and report performance with validation tools. Measure performance against industry and company standards to identify areas for improvement or distinction.

    • Integrated Good Agricultural Practices certificates (GLOBALG.A.P.)
    • Access 3,400 integrated Good Agricultural Practices certificates (GLOBALG.A.P.)
    • Access 60,000 audits in 14 languages
    • Reduce the risk of error and minimize food safety issues
    • Report on performance across sustainability, food safety, responsible sourcing and other supply chain programs
  • Sustainability

    Show customers that you care

    Customers care about a brand’s commitment to sustainability. Evidence sustainability credentials and measure the sustainability of suppliers and products through standardised or tailored assessment templates.

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    • Grow customer loyalty and trust by building and evidencing brand commitments
    • Access standardized and tailored assessment templates
    • Tap into insight tools with a Cool Farm Alliance membership
    • Drive continuous improvement opportunities
    • Benchmark and scorecard sustainability criteria across the supply base

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