Cancel an alarm using your mobile app

How to manage alarms using the SmartHome mobile app

When an alarm is triggered, the Control Panel will sound the siren and display a red alarm screen. A Cancel button will appear on the home screen of your TELUS SmartHome app for 90 seconds. If the alarm is false, you can press and hold
Cancel Alarm
for three seconds.


  • After cancelling any alarm from your mobile app, you may still receive a call from the Central Monitoring Station to ensure you and your home are safe. Depending on the stage of the emergency alarm, emergency services may also be dispatched

  • Cancelling an alarm within the app will disarm your security system. You can rearm your system at any time within the app. Only users with Master level permission can cancel an alarm from the TELUS SmartHome app

  • An alarm can only be cancelled or verified from the TELUS SmartHome app every five minutes

View from the TELUS SmartHome App

Cancel alarm-view from app

View from the Control Panel

Cancel alarm-enter code

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