Wi-Fi Calling FAQ

Information on the TELUS Wi-Fi Calling feature.

Am I eligible for Wi-Fi Calling?

You are eligible if you have an eligible device (see below) and an active My Account subscription.

I can't see the option for Wi-Fi Calling in my phone setting?

  • Check to ensure you have a qualifying device:

Supported iOS Devices

iPhone SE iPhone 6/6S iPhone 6/6S Plus
iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus
  • Make sure you have the most up to date iOS software.

For more information on Wi-Fi visit iPhone Wi-Fi Calling explained.

Supported Android Devices


For more information on Wi-Fi visit Android Wi-Fi Calling explained.

"TELUS Wi-Fi" stopped showing on my screen?

TELUS Wi-Fi only kicks in when needed, so it will appear and disappear as your coverage changes. If TELUS Wi-Fi is not appearing in areas where you are used to seeing it, try these simple three steps :

  1. Just to be sure, ensure that you still have Wi-Fi Calling turned on.
  2. The TELUS Wi-Fi notification on your device will fluctuate with the availability of a strong enough cellular network. If the Cellular network is strong enough then Wi-Fi Calling is unnecessary and the notification will not display.
  3. In rare cases, your internet service provider (ISP) may affect your abilility to connect. Please contact us if you are not able to connect through the following ISPs :
    • Sasktel
    • Bell Aliant
    • Eastlink
    • Xplornet

What is the minimum internet speed needed for Wi-Fi Calling?

The minimum speed required for the benefits of TELUS Wi-Fi calling is 1 mbps. Keep in mind performance will vary based on internet network conditions. If you are noticing issues, try using another Wi-Fi network.

Why do get a pop-up screen telling me to turn on Wi-Fi Calling?

A pop-up may appear up to three times when your device is connected to a wireless network and determines that you would benefit from using the Wi-Fi Calling feature.

For more in formation on TELUS Wi-Fi Calling visit Wi-Fi Calling terms and conditions

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