Troubleshoot: Boost Wi-Fi

Troubleshooting tips to solve issues with your Boost Wi-Fi

Troubleshooting solutions to common issues

Slow Network Speeds

If you are experiencing speed issues with your TELUS Boost Wi-Fi, try these troubleshooting techniques:

  • Move closer to your nearest Wi-Fi booster
  • Reboot your wireless device
  • Ensure the LED of your Wi-Fi booster is solid blue
  • On the back of your booster, press the power button located at the bottom right to reboot your Wi-Fi booster(s)

Still experiencing network issues with your TELUS Boost Wi-Fi?

It may be because your main modem’s Wi-Fi network is still running in the background of your Boost Wi-Fi network. This background Wi-Fi network creates congestion on your TELUS Boost Wi-Fi network. The congestion can be reduced by turning off the Wi-Fi that is being emitted from the modem.

To learn how to turn off the Wi-Fi network on your main modem, visit Troubleshoot: Boost Wi-Fi and modems.

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