Troubleshooting your TELUS Track+

Solve issues you may experience with TELUS Track+

App issues

Why can’t I download/update the TELUS Track+ app?

  • Ensure your smartphone’s operating system version is Apple iOS 11.0 or newer, or Android OS 5.0 or newer
  • Update your TELUS Track+ app to the latest version
  • Make sure your phone is connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or data (LTE)

Why is the app crashing/slow/not working?

  • Turn off your phone, then turn it on and try again
  • Ensure your smartphone’s operating system version is Apple iOS 11.0 or newer, or Android OS 5.0 or newer
  • Ensure the latest version of the Track+ app is installed
  • Clear the app’s cache and history on your smartphone’s settings
  • Uninstall the TELUS Track+ app, restart your phone, and reinstall the app

How can I change the language between French and English?
The app’s language will reflect your smartphone’s default language. Change your smartphone’s default language settings to English or French, then open your default internet browser on your smartphone to clear the cache after installing the app.

For English, check that you are using English (Canada) so the units of measurement in the app appear in metres.

Why is the “Ring”/"Locate Now” feature not working?

  • Check the tracker’s battery level on the app
  • Let 2 minutes pass before trying again
  • Log in again and retry
  • Turn off, then turn on your smartphone and try again
  • Re-install the app and retry

Why is the “Safety Zone” feature not working?

  • Ensure your Safety Zone is a minimum of 150 metres
  • Delete the Safety Zone and try setting it up again
  • Check your tracker’s profile to ensure you have set up the location update settings
  • Is the Safety Zone appearing in yards instead of metres? Check that you are using English (Canada) for the smartphone’s language settings so the units of measurement in the app appear in metres

The tracker location is not showing on the map

  • Ensure location services on your smartphone are on
  • Check the tracker’s battery. If it blinks red and beeps once every 5 seconds, you will need to charge the device because it has a low battery
  • Also, please see the inaccurate location Q&A below

What do I do if the tracker is “not responding” within the app?

  • Confirm your tracker is powered on
  • Confirm your tracker has sufficient battery by putting it on the charger. Solid yellow means it is charging or solid green means it is fully charged
  • Press Locate Now or Ring within the app to see the tracker response
  • Confirm that your tracker is still paired to your app

Why are locations inaccurate/incorrect?

  • Check the timestamp to see if the location is current
  • The strength and accuracy of all the signals used to find locations can be affected if the tracker is inside a building or vehicle, surrounded by hills or tall buildings or near a large body of water

Why am I not receiving notifications from the app?

  • Ensure your location notifications are turned on
  • You may need to reset the size of your Safety Zone if the Safety Zone is surrounding an area where the signal is not strong
  • Notifications could be delayed due to system checks

I want to turn the notifications off.

  1. Open the app
  2. Go to the menu or tap on the user/tracker
  3. Tap Edit profile
  4. Change your location update settings to a less frequent setting or Never

I accidentally changed my profile from Admin to Viewer, and now I cannot change back.

  1. Download the app on a different device (Android phone, iPhone)
  2. Log in with the same My TELUS account credentials
  3. Remove the viewer that was set up in error