Photo and video messaging

How to send photos and videos by text message

What you need to know

You can send pictures or videos you take with your phone to an email address or another phone.

If you use multimedia messaging service (MMS):

  • You need data services to be enabled, MMS will not work over Wi-Fi.
  • Data used by MMS is filtered through a proxy and is not chargeable while in Canada. When roaming, MMS usage is billed the same as the rest of data due to roaming partner billing differences.
  • File size limit, maximum number of attachments, picture quality, and video length can vary from one device to another. Usual limits for MMS are between 600 KB and 3.5 MB per photo and 600 KB or 15 seconds per video.

Get picture & video messaging

Picture & video messaging is available as part of a phone package or as a pay per use service. Picture and video messages are charged per image or video sent to each recipient and are free to receive.

To subscribe to a package, do one of the following:

  • Log in to your online TELUS account and add a messaging package or upgrade to a plan that includes messaging in self-serve
  • Call us by dialing *611 on your smartphone
  • Visit an authorized TELUS store

Data must be enabled to send and receive MMS, there are no associated data charges with MMS usage in Canada. Note that smartphones can use data in the background for updates at the same time as MMS are being sent.

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