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Discover the power of OPTIK Internet GIGA

It will meet your household’s gigantic bandwidth needs. Only on the TELUS PureFibre™ network. Offered in some locations.


up to 940 Mbps


up to 940 Mbps

Discover the many possibilities of GIGA


Your entertainment on multiple devices at the same time

The whole family can watch their own shows, movies or videos online at the same time on ICI TOU.TV EXTRA, Netflix or YouTube. That’s the power of GIGA.

File transfers

Files that travel GIGA-fast

Receive, send and publish photos and videos, even super-high-quality ones, in the blink of an eye. With OPTIK Internet GIGA, stop losing your precious time.

Online gaming

Online gaming more real than ever

No more losing because of low data speeds. Get an edge on your opponents with GIGA speed.

Smart Home

A 100% connected life

The boom in smart devices means your Internet needs are expanding. Enjoy our fastest, most reliable connection for multiple simultaneous devices and users. Live in a GIGA Smart Home.

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Get unlimited OPTIK Internet GIGA by bundling your home and mobility services

Unlimited Internet data for 36 months

Smart Wi-Fi modem/router with AC technology

Norton security solution up to 10 devices

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