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Internet Add-Ons

Get the speed you need

With speeds perfect for the everyday browser to gamers and streamers, TELUS has an internet plan that’s right for you.

Upgrade your Internet

Give your Wi-Fi a boost

TELUS Boost Wi-Fi creates a mesh network throughout your home so your devices will always connect to the strongest possible Wi-Fi.

Get Unlimited Data

Enjoy unlimited home internet data for free with any internet plan on a 2 year term, or for just $15 a month for no-term plans.

Norton Security & Secure VPN

Get 24-hour threat monitoring or a VPN for anonymous browsing. Norton Security & Secure VPN help stop the latest attacks before they reach your devices.

Need help?

Browse our articles and learn how to set up, optimize or troubleshoot your Internet, home Wi-Fi, or mobile hotspot.

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