TELUS Security saves newly renovated basement from serious water damage

Real Life Stories · Aug 3, 2021

"I was driving home from a sales call in a torrential rainfall, about an hour from home, when my flood sensor went off on my App. I called my wife at home who went to the basement and water was pushing its way through the basement sliding windows as the walls themselves were full of water. The water dripped through the finished window box, down the newly painted wall, and under the laid that week carpet....we just finished our basement.

We had both dads come over, and over the next 4 hours ran carpet steamers without their liquid solutions, to suck up all the water in the carpet, dried the walls, and window, and ran dehumidifiers for 2 weeks solid, and the result was no insurance claim.

Had we not had the flood sensor we would have not been notified, not gone to the basement to check, and one of the kids would have discovered it the next day, after school, once the water had almost a day to sit and do its damage."

- Matthew, from Brantford, ON

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