TELUS monitoring saves family with quick detection of CO leak

Real Life Stories · Sep 24, 2021

"In October of 2020, we had a new furnace installed . We have been customers of ADTbT for 17+ yrs and had just upgraded our system to an ADT Command in September of 2019. This upgrade came with a Carbon monoxide detector. At 19:27 we received a call form your monitoring dept advisng that we had a carbon monoxide alarm, and that the fire department would be there asap. We were told to exit the house and wait for them. As we stepped outside they were already arriving and were able to confirm that there had been a gas leak from the installation of the furnace. ADTbT SAVED OUR LIVES THAT DAY!! Had we gone to bed we may have never woke up - We feel this system is worth every penny . And want others to know - how quickly life can change - Thank you for saving our lives on October 16 2020. We will forever be thankful :)"
- Denise, from Hudson QC

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