Pik TV Android Media Box Remote

Get to know your Pik TV Android Media Box Remote

Android Media Box Remote explained


  1. Google Home button: Provides access to the Android TV Home Screen
  2. Apps: Displays the first category in the Apps tab
  3. Info: Displays details about a selected title
  4. Guide: Press once to display the On Now Guide. Navigate to the right to display the Grid Guide. Press twice to exit
  5. Pik TV: Shows or hides the Menu within the Pik TV app or launches the Pik TV app when in Android TV
  6. Voice: Use voice to search TV shows, movies and actors as well as perform simple commands in the Pik TV app and in the Home menu
  7. Back / Exit: A quick press takes you to the previous window. A long press and release takes you to Live TV or exits VOD mode

Connecting your Pik TV Remote to your Pik TV Media Box

Your Pik TV remote uses Bluetooth to automatically pair itself to your Pik TV Media Box. Simply press any button on your remote to pair it to your media box.

To pair your remote to your TV during first-time setup

  1. Select the brand of your TV
  2. Select the pairing code
  3. Test the pairing code

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