How TELUS Rewards works

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TELUS Rewards policies

TELUS Eligible Services

  • TELUS Rewards™ is available to new and existing customers that have a combination of two or more products including Home Phone, Home Internet, SmartHome Security, Satellite TV, Optik TV, Pik TV and/or a linked/consolidated post-paid TELUS Mobility account.
  • Only linked/consolidated post-paid TELUS Mobility accounts are eligible for the mobility points awarded each month.

TELUS Products & Services limitations

  • Reward items can only be redeemed based on eligible services.
  • Video On Demand Credits can only be redeemed by Optik TV customers.
    Learn more about TELUS Optik TV.
  • Mobility Top Ups can only be redeemed by TELUS Mobility customers with YourChoice or SharePlus plans. Data Top-Ups are not compatible with flex add-on/plans, corporate or business accounts.
    Learn more about TELUS Mobility.
  • Unlimited Home Internet Data can only be redeemed by TELUS Home Internet customers who do not already have unlimited data. Each denomination of Unlimited Home Internet can only be redeemed every 90 days.

Bill Credit Redemption

  • Each denomination of bill credits can only be redeemed once every 12 months
  • Bill credits will be applied within 3 - 4 weeks of your next bill


  • A valid email address is required to process contest prize(s)
  • Winners will be contacted via e-mail within 10 days of the contest closing date
  • A completed and signed Release Form is required in order to process contest prize(s)
  • All entrants to any contest held in a quarter are automatically entered in a second quarterly draw where winners will get an exclusive privilege to donate TELUS funds to a charity of their choice. The selected charity must be a TELUS approved registered Canadian charity. Tax receipt not provided. Winnings cannot be used for any other purpose.

TELUS Prepaid Mastercards

  • TELUS Prepaid Mastercards can only be used in TELUS stores
  • Items ship out between 3 - 6 weeks after order is submitted
  • Once redeemed, prepaid cards cannot be returned