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We now offer a range of installation options – based on safety, plus your needs and comfort level.

Soutien à distance pour les installations et les réparations

For the continued safety of our customers and team members, we are constantly monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic across communities. As conditions continue to change, please be advised that in-person installs may not be available in your community. Rest assured that in an event where in-person install is not available, our team members will go above and beyond to virtually support you while on site.

The technician will call to talk through your options before your appointment. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with. Note that if you request in-person install, the technician must first ask you some COVID-screening questions, to make sure it’s safe to enter your home.

Self Install 

Products are shipped to you with installation instructions. Not available for Internet or Optik TV.

Virtual Install

A technician will complete all work outside your home, and leave sanitized devices at your door. Then they’ll video call you and guide you through the installation.

In-Person Install

Once the technician has asked you some COVID-screening questions to ensure safety, they may enter your home and complete the installation. If it’s not deemed safe to enter, they’ll complete a Virtual Install or offer to reschedule your appointment.


Products eligible for Self Install

We’re making more and more products available for quick and easy Self Install. Here are some of the products currently eligible.

SmartHome Security

All SmartHome Security products are eligible for Self Install.

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Installation à distance

Using the latest video chat technology, our technicians will guide you through the install from outside your home.

Étape 1

Nous vous appellerons avant votre rendez-vous pour établir les attentes.

Étape 2

Le technicien installera tout le câblage nécessaire à l’extérieur de votre domicile, puis laissera les appareils ou l’équipement désinfectés à votre porte.

Étape 3

Le technicien fera un appel vidéo et vous guidera par téléphone alors que vous suivez les étapes d’installation.

How Virtual installation works

Optik TV and Internet

Take a look at how TELUS technicians are providing virtual support for all installs and repairs.


In-Person Install

Since March, we’ve been keeping our customers and team members safe by relying exclusively on Virtual Install and Self Install to deliver services. However, we understand that these options are not ideal for some customers

Taking guidance from government health authorities – and ensuring maximum safety – we are now offering in-person install as an option. If safe to do so, the technician may enter your home to complete the installation.

Here’s how we keep you safe:

1. Your technician will call ahead to make sure you know what to expect

2. They will wear a mask, sanitize their hands and all equipment; gloves can be worn on request

3. They’ll ask you some screening questions to make sure it’s safe to enter your home

4. They’ll follow distancing guidelines. We ask that you do too

Please note that if it’s not deemed safe to enter, the technician will complete a Virtual install or reschedule your appointment.

Use the TELUS Health MyCare app for added peace of mind before your In-person Installation

Download and register for the TELUS Health MyCare app, formerly Babylon by TELUS Health, and use our free AI-powered Symptom Checker. It’s a chat-style feature that asks questions about your symptoms, including those of COVID-19, and makes recommendations. If needed, you can also video chat directly with a doctor, no matter where you are.

What to expect with In-Person Install

How In-Person Install works

Optik TV and Internet

Take a look at how TELUS technicians provide in-person installation.

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Pour prendre un nouveau rendez-vous, ouvrez une session dans Mon TELUS. Les clients d’ADT par TELUS doivent appeler au 1-877-627-0504 pour prendre un nouveau rendez-vous.


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