Lightning fast internet from $89/mo.

You deserve better internet. Only TELUS PureFibre runs 100% fibre direct to your home for faster, reliable, more consistent connections.

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Online orders include:

  • A fast, reliable internet experience with up to 940 Mbps download and upload speeds

  • The fastest Wi-Fi in Western Canada with Wi-Fi 6 technology

  • Unlimited home internet data

  • A guarantee your price won’t increase during your 2 year term

  • No $50 activation fee and $50 off your first bill

Regular price of $135/mo. and unlimited data $20/mo. applies thereafter. Fees apply for early cancellation.

Order online now and save $100.

Compare how TELUS is faster

Other providers say their internet is fast. But ours is actually the fastest. The proof is in the speeds.

Upload speeds make all the difference when it comes to video calls and conferencing, sending photos and files, and online gaming.

The features you want

TELUS PureFibre

Gigabit Internet

Shaw Gigabit Internet

Top upload speed

940 Mbps

100 Mbps

Top download speed

940 Mbps

940 Mbps

100 % fibre network direct to your door

A network you don’t share with neighbours


From $89/month on a 2 year term

$115/month on a 2 year term

Why you want to choose TELUS

Stop the drops

With upload speeds that are 9x faster than the competition, you can enjoy crystal-clear video calls when it matters most.

Game on and on and on

Console, PC, tablet, phone, Switch, Twitch, or Steam Deck. No matter how you’re playing, watching, or downloading, Gigabit Internet gives you fast, consistent speeds across all your devices.

Wi-Fi for when you wander

A next-gen Wi-Fi 6 router is included with PureFibre Gigabit, ensuring you get a strong Wi-Fi signal all around your home. For an extra $10/month, Wi-Fi Plus makes sure you have it in every corner, nook and cranny – even the bathroom. And an installation customized to your home lets you live your everyday life uninterrupted.

Don’t forget to add Wi-Fi Plus at checkout.

Join us and help connect Canadians

By choosing TELUS, you’re helping support programs like Internet for Good®, which provides thousands of low-income families in British Columbia and Alberta with the tools and connectivity they need to succeed.