Setting up Apple Pay

Apple iPhone 8 on iOS 16.0.0

Discover how to set up Apple Pay on your compatible iOS device. Once set up, you can make payments directly from your iPhone or Apple Watch.

  1. Step 1/5

    From the Home screen, tap Wallet.

    The indicator is in the center.
  2. Step 2/5

    Tap the Plus sign icon.

    The indicator is in the top right.
  3. Step 3/5

    Select your preferred payment type.

    The indicator is in the center.
  4. Step 4/5

    Tap Continue.

    Note: After this step, follow the prompts to set up your payment method with your camera or entering card details manually.

    The indicator is towards the bottom.
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    Step 5 of 5:

    You've completed the steps!

    There are no indicators associated with this step.

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