Changing roaming settings for a trip

Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime on Android 8.1.0

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When traveling internationally, you may want to turn data roaming on and off to conserve data and minimize unwanted fees.

  1. Step 1/6

    From the Home screen, drag down the Notification panel.

    The indicator is towards the top.
  2. Step 2/6

    Tap the Settings icon.

    The indicator is in the top right.
  3. Step 3/6

    Tap Connections.

    The indicator is in the top left.
  4. Step 4/6

    Tap Mobile networks.

    The indicator is in the center.
  5. Step 5/6

    Tap or slide the Data roaming switch to ON.

    Note: Turning Data roaming on allows you to connect to data services while roaming. Turn Data roaming off to keep from incurring significant charges.

    The indicator is in the top right.
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    Step 6 of 6:

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