Pik TV on your browser

Understanding how Pik TV works on your browser

Your browser together with Pik TV gives you access to live channels and all On Demand movies that are available with your subscription. You can access Pik TV through your web browser at telus.com/watchpik.

Minimum requirements

Software platform Adobe Flash
Operating system Windows 8 or higher, Mac OS X 10.10 or newer
Web browser Internet Explorer 11 or higher, Chrome, Safari 11 or newer, Microsoft Edge (These are the officially supported browsers, though you may be able to use the app on browsers not listed)

Note: The Pik TV app can only be used in Canada.

Data usage

  • The Pik TV app on browser does not use your home Internet data
    Note: Data usage will still apply if using Pik TV browser on an Internet connection other than your home Internet.
  • Streaming video is often the biggest contributor to Internet data usage. Understanding how it works is especially important. Using the app to stream content for 1 hour will use 1.7 GB of data (approximate value)

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