Useful iMessage information

Information on Apple's iOS iMessage service for iOS devices

Here is some helpful information on how the iPhone
feature works and how to use it to avoid unexpected data charges.

is Apple's built-in instant messaging (IM) service that lets you send messages quickly and easily to anyone else using iMessage on Apple products.

iMessage sends messages over Wi-Fi or cellular data when Wi-Fi is unavailable, rather than through traditional SMS. This means, if you do not have a data plan and are not connected to Wi-Fi, you will incur pay-per-use data charges when using iMessage.

If you only want to use iMessage in a Wi-Fi connected area, please ensure you turn off iMessage when leaving a Wi-Fi connected area to avoid unexpected data charges, or turn on “Send as SMS” to ensure you can still send and receive regular text messages where there is no data.

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