Managing Wi-Fi on Actiontec T1200H/T2200H

How to manage Boost Wi-Fi when using an Actiontec T1200H or T2200H modem


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These instructions explain how to disable the Wi-Fi network running in the background of your Boost Wi-Fi network through your Wi-Fi modem.

To disable your home Wi-Fi network, complete these steps:

  1. Connect to your modem's Wi-Fi network.

  2. Launch your web browser.

  3. Enter the following into the address bar:

  4. From your keyboard, press the
    ) key. The
    screen is displayed.

  5. To log in, enter the following information:

    • Username
      : admin

    • Password
      : it is printed on the side of the modem under GUI Access (unless you’ve changed it)

  6. Select
    . The
    screen is displayed.

    • If it is your first time logging into your gateway you will be asked if you would like to change your password.

  7. From the top of the next screen, select
    Wireless Setup
    . The
    Basic Settings
    screen is displayed.

  8. Change the Wireless Radio field to
    to turn off your Wi-Fi network.

  9. Select
    to save your changes.

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