Spot a spam message

How to figure out if a suspicious message received on your device is spam

What is Messaging Spam

Spam messages are unsolicited and generally unwanted commercial advertisements sent to wireless phones via text or picture/video messaging. The messages are not only annoying, but can count against your text messaging plan, creating additional concerns.

Many spam messages announce that you've "won" something or qualify for a refund. The fraudulent text entices you to collect your prize by going to a website or calling a number. The spammer's intent is to access your personal data so they can sell that data to someone else. Be aware of the different phone and messaging scams that target TELUS wireless and messaging customers.

Spam messaging is an increasing problem worldwide. With your help, we are committed to fighting spam and are working to minimize it across our network.

Tips to spot a Spam message

If you received a message that concerns you, answer the 3 questions below, it may help you to identify if it is a spam message.

  1. Do you know the message sender? Do you recognize the sender’s phone number? is the topic related to you? If not, then it’s possible that the message is spam.
  2. Does the message provide you a link to log in and validate your personal info, such as bank account? If so, it is highly possible this message could be a spam.
  3. Does the message tell you that you could win something or is it offering a refund of some kind? If so, it is very possibly a spam message.

An example of a Spam message:

We're having trouble verifying your Telus account credentials. To resolve: http://telus.verify-indentity.comor step into a branch.

This is NOT a message from TELUS! The link is not to the TELUS website.


  • If you receive a spam, or at least you are not sure if this is a Spam, for example the above message, DO NOT click the link! Call your bank directly to verify.
  • Messages directly from TELUS are typically sent from a secure 4-digit short code.

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