Empowering Canadians to stay safe in a digital world

TELUS Wise® is a free digital literacy education program that offers informative workshops and resources to help Canadians of all ages have a positive experience as digital citizens.

TELUS Wise Digital Pledge

By taking this Pledge, you are joining us in the fight to end cyberbullying and create a safer online world.


TELUS Wise has more to offer

TELUS Wise workshops

TELUS Wise Ambassadors host free, in-person workshops, engaging participants in a discussion about staying safe in our digital world.


We’re supporting youth, parents and educators to work together to make a safer, friendlier world online.

Teachers, bring digital literacy into your classroom

TELUS Wise workshops, teacher resources and classroom materials including posters, printable activity sheets and more are available at no cost.

Empowering Canadians of all ages


Resources to help raise digitally responsible youth


Comics and other fun stuff to help kids learn about online safety


Tips and tricks to help tweens and teens stay cyber safe and protect their online reputation


Information to help seniors confidently participate in our digital world

Our partners

TELUS Wise is made possible through collaboration with many partners.