Setting up Video Motion Detection (VMD)

Steps for setting up Video Motion Detection

Video Motion Detection (VMD) helps capture activity and generate notifications on what’s happening at your home. This feature allows users to define up to three separate windows in their cameras to monitor for motion. Motion outside of these windows are ignored.

Important: We recommend using Video Analytics instead of Video Motion Detection.
This new feature actively detects for people, animals, and vehicles to minimize unwanted recordings. Combined with virtual tripwires and fenced-in zones, use Video Analytics to enhance your perimeter security and gain more insight into activity in your home! To create a Video Analytics recording rule, please
click here

To set up Video Motion Detection, watch the video or follow these steps below.

  1. Log in to your
    web portal

  2. Select
    from the menu on the left-hand side

  3. From the top navigation bar, select

  4. Scroll down. Select the
    Video Motion Detection

  5. From the top bar, select the video device(s) for which you would like to set up a VMD

  6. Use your cursor to draw a VMD window on the video. You can draw up to 3 VMD windows per camera

  7. Click

: Make sure you are drawing a skinny rectangle for your VMD window near the entrance of your home. Do not draw these windows over high-traffic areas such as sidewalks, streets or next door.


  • Once you have drawn the VMD, you can also change the sensitivity of the VMD if you find you are getting too many videos

  • Make sure to draw a VMD window for each video device that you want to trigger motion-detected recordings


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