Perform a quarterly water valve test on your FortrezZ Water Shut-Off Valve

Instructions on how to perform a quarterly water valve test on FortrezZ Water Shut-Off Valve using TELUS SmartHome

How to perform the quarterly water shut-off valve test

  1. Log into your TELUS SmartHome Security mobile app
  2. Find your quarterly water valve test card on the main screen. The quarterly water valve test card appears every 90 days by default. However, if your water valve is already closed (i.e. due to an existing leak), this card will not appear to prevent any water damage from completing the test
  3. Tap Start water valve test
  4. Select Close & open valve now to perform the test. This will close and open your water valve. You may also select the option Remind me later (the card will reappear at your next login) or No, thanks to skip the test (the card will reappear after 90 days)
  5. Once the test is complete and the water valve is verified to close and open correctly, the quarterly water valve test card will indicate the test was successful

If the mobile app cannot verify the water valve was closed and opened correctly, the test will be unsuccessful. You will be advised to manually close and open the water valve and then perform the test again.

If the behaviour persists, please contact your device manufacturer or retailer for additional support.