Freezing or Choppy image (wireless)

Freezing or choppy image on wireless digital box

Fix Optik TV pixelated, freezing, or choppy video

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These steps will be helpful if your TELUS TV box video image is pixelated (tiny squares), video image stops and stutters and image quality does not appear as it should.

: You can determine if your digital box is wireless by looking for the illuminated Wi-Fi signal indicator on the front of the box.

Using a wired digital box? Visit
Freezing or Choppy image (wired)
for help.

Check a different channel to see if your issue is only on one channel. If so, chances are the problem will be resolved shortly.

Similarly, you may encounter coloured bars or a message saying “programming unavailable.” If this is the case, there is an issue with the channel and programming will resume once the outage is resolved.

If you find your TV feed freezing or stopping while you are watching it, and are experiencing audio drop-outs, follow these steps:

  1. Confirm there are no outages in your area by visiting

  2. Confirm if your wireless digital box is receiving enough signal from your TELUS modem by ensuring the wireless signal indicator is green and at least 3 of the 4 waves are also lit. If there are less than 3 waves lit or the signal is red, please follow the steps under
    Low or red signal strength

  3. If the signal indicator is green, check what equipment you have:

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Freezing / Choppy image (wired)

Freezing / choppy image on wired digital box

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