User roles in My Account explained

How roles and responsibilities determine account access

Depending upon your type of account, you may see different account management options when you log in. An account owner has full access to the account and can make any changes that are supported online. You are an account owner if your name appears on the monthly bill. The account owner has access to the billing and usage details of each member (phone number) on the account.

  • Account members can't make changes to their overall account, plans, or services. They can see information about their own phone number only.

Roles and responsibilities

Your account access and responsibilities are determined by your role, as described below.


The owner is responsible for paying the bill and ensuring the account remains in good standing. Owners can:

  • View all account activity
  • Add services
  • Change rate plans
  • Determine online access roles for others
  • Make payments to the account

If your name appears on your bill, you're the owner.

Note: There is no owner role for Business & Corporate customers.


The account manager is authorized by the account owner to oversee the account. Managers can:

  • View all members’ account activity
  • Add services
  • Change rate plans
  • Determine online access roles for account members – but not for the account owner or other account managers
  • Make payments to the account


Account members can:

  • View their own account activity
  • Make some changes to their own phone (such as updating the number)

They cannot view or change account activity for another member.


The phone user has not yet been invited to become a member by the account owner or manager. Without account access, the phone user cannot view account details.

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