Arming and disarming your system using the mobile app or web portal

Arm and disarm your system using the SmartHome mobile app

To arm or disarm your system, follow the instructions below.

  1. From your mobile app or web portal dashboard, go to your Security System card

  2. If your system is not armed, select the shield icon to
    . You will be given additional options when arming:

    • Silent Arming
      : By default, when you arm your system, the panel makes exit delay beeps. Silent Arming allows you to arm the system without any noise

    • No Entry Delay
      : Once armed, the system will bypass the entry delay that normally occurs when an entry/exit zone is activated

    • As you arm your system through the mobile app, any devices that are currently active (i.e. a door is open or a motion sensor is active) will be automatically bypassed

    • Your system will arm instantly, without exit delay
      On the mobile app

      rsz system arming

      On the web portal


  3. Once the system is armed, select the shield icon to
    On the mobile app


    On the web portal



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