Add or remove Mobility users in My Account

Options and instructions for making user changes to your Mobility account

Add, remove and manage users on your Mobility account

  1. Login to My Account
  2. Select My Profile from the left hand sidebar
  3. Go to your desired Mobility account #, select Add, remove and manage users
  4. Make the desired changes to the online access options for the accounts listed
  5. Options include:
    • Remove access: Allows you to remove this person's online account access
    • Service cancelled: All options are unavailable because the service is cancelled
    • Change to member: Allows you to make a manager a member
    • Upgrade to manager: Allows you to make a member a manager
    • Confirm access request: Allows you to approve or decline this person's online access request

Note: The account owner determines online access roles for all members, The account manager is authorized may oversee this account and can also determine online access roles for account members, but not for the account owner or other account managers.

Cancel account or service

We are continually adding functionality to My Account but currently this is not an available option. If you would like to cancel an account or service please contact us.

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