Enjoy peace of mind with a personal safety device

SmartWear Security safety keychains and jewelry offer discreet protection and access to emergency responders anytime, anywhere.1
A collage showcasing various safety devices surrounds a heart-shaped box, symbolizing the precious gift of security that SmartWear offers to your loved ones.
How SmartWear personal security devices work
Pick your safety keychain, charm‌ or jewelry
Purchase the personal safety device you want and add a SmartWear Security monitoring plan 2.
A gold SmartWear Security Charm.

Personal safety backed by Canada’s #1 security provider

On the go

Out for a run, travelling on transit, or in rideshares.

A woman out for a run
At school

Get help on and around campus.

A student out on campus
On a date

Extra protection when you’re meeting someone new.

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Get discreet 24/7 protection with safety jewelry and accessories

TELUS SmartWear Security InvisaWear App along with a silver SmartWear Safety Device.

Monthly personal security monitoring

Starting at
Current customers save $3/mo.

Your monitoring plan includes a companion app that works when you order your safety devices

Emergency verification and 911 response
Safety timer shares your location from 15 minutes to 4 hours with your contacts
The app alerts up to 5 contacts and emergency responders of your GPS location
24/7 check-in calls or texts with TELUS Security monitoring agents when you’re feeling insecure.
A woman has a SmartWear Security keychain while two girls show off their security necklace.

SmartWear safety devices for every style

Safety keychains, emergency bracelets, necklaces, fitness bands and charms act as a hidden panic button to get help when you need it.
Starting from
Save $15 on any SmartWear Security devices4

Don’t take our word for it, see what others say

“We bought this for my Mother in law for Christmas, just in time because she had an emergency within a week of getting the gift, it was a godsend for her because she couldn't move her legs or body but she could push the button to alert 911 and the family, thank God for this life saving device!! If it were ugly, she wouldn't have worn it, and she might not be with us now!”
Nancy A.
Nancy A.
“Got this for my wife she is a house call physical therapist. She actually doesn’t mind wearing it and it was so simple to set up I didn’t hear any fuss. Loving it!”
Quinceola R.
Quinceola R.
“I keep it on a keychain when walking to my car in the early morning or late at night to and from the hospital. It’s reassuring to know that with the push of a button — from a very accessible device that looks cool — I have people looking out for my personal safety immediately.”
Dr. Hayley Wickenheiser
Dr. Hayley Wickenheiser

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