Home Security - Professionally Monitored

Secure plan

A basic home security system with 24/7 monitoring.

Included in this plan

  • 24/7 monitoring

  • 1 control panel

  • 1 security starter kit. Includes 2 door/window sensors and 1 motion sensors

Offers: Get a $200 bill credit plus an extra $100 when you order online.


3 or 5 year term


Regular price: $42 /month

*Includes $5 discount for TELUS Home Services and $10 for TELUS Mobility and Koodo services.

Secure + Video

3 or 5 year term


Regular price: $52 /month

*Includes $5 discount for TELUS Home Services and $10 for TELUS Mobility and Koodo services.

What you'll get with this offer

Manage with your app and voice 

Use smart home automation to control smart home devices. Turn lights on and off, arm and disarm your system or adjust your thermostats. Control them with a single app or using Amazon Alexa with TELUS Home Assistant or Apple’s Siri.

Deter break-ins

60% of intruders will move on to another home if they see a camera or signs of a security system. If intruders attempt a break-in, your door, window or motion sensors will notify you and our central monitoring service.

Protect your home with 24/7 professional monitoring

Feel safe, knowing you have a professionally-monitored service. Our experts are ready to dispatch authorities to protect your home if an alarm is triggered while you’re away.

Add video to monitor your home from anywhere.

Get the most comprehensive home security system coverage by adding a camera to your plan. See who’s at the door or keep an eye on pets and family members with live video. Watch from anywhere, any time and know what’s happening both inside and around your home.


Flexible installation options


You want to do-it-yourself. If you are comfortable with basic home repairs and using a ladder, you can self-install. Install your system on your own time with our online guidance and call-in support if you need it.

In-Person Install

We can do it for you. Our professional technicians will safely install your order wearing PPE for the entirety of the install. $100 installation fee for certain customers, $450 for new customers.

Frequently asked questions

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