Save up to 15% on your energy bills

Join our Beta community to track energy usage, automate your home and save money. Start saving today for just $12/mo.1 and get 2 free energy-monitoring Kasa smart plugs.
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Track your energy usage and save up to 15%

Use smart plugs to shut off power-draining appliances, TVs and entertainment centres when you’re not using them.

Turn automation into money-saving routines

Create, control and adjust customized routines you can schedule when you leave for work or while you’re sleeping.

Boost your savings and get more rewards

Earn TELUS Coins that are converted to TELUS Rewards by participating in power-saving events just through opting in your connected devices.
SmartEnergy features of the TELUS SmartHome+ app as well as a photo of the smart plug. The app is tracking the energy usage of smart plugs over a 2 week period.
SmartEnergy features of the TELUS SmartHome+ app showing how to create a routine when you leave for work to adjust your thermostat and turn off your devices. The app reads: Save energy. Save time. Make it your routine.
SmartEnergy features of the TELUS SmartHome+ app showing off SmartPerks, an energy savings event and earned rewards.
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With every subscription we’ll plant a tree

With TELUS SmartEnergy, you can automate your energy routines, helping you save money and create a friendlier home. With every SmartEnergy subscription, we plant four trees a year on your behalf. Increase your impact by redeeming TELUS Rewards for even more tree contributions.

Your devices. One app. Endless possibilities.

Start with your free energy-monitoring smart plugs and add more to see how your savings can grow.
Smart thermostat on the wall of a living room with the temperature set at 20 degrees.

Turn up the savings

Connect your smart thermostat to maximize savings by automatically making small temperature changes to see big energy savings results.
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Plug in for more savings

Use smart plugs to set automation and routines to cut unseen TV and computer power drains when you’re not using them.
Free with a subscription
Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Slim, Energy Monitoring (2-pack)

Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Slim, Energy Monitoring (2-pack)

Honeywell Home T9 Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Honeywell Home T9 Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Honeywell Home T5 Smart Thermostat

Honeywell Home T5 Smart Thermostat


Don’t see your device?

Don’t worry. We’re adding more devices all the time.

Joining our Beta community means seeing what’s next

Personalized recommendations

Get personalized recommendations and routines based on your day-to-day usage or upcoming weather to stay warm and save.

More compatible devices

We’re adding more compatible devices for your smart home all the time, like the Sensi smart thermostat.

EV charging

Help ensure your car is charging when it’s best for your energy bill. Plug it in when you get home, but charge when the rates are lower.

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​​You and your data are safe

What happens at your home is private — and it’ll stay that way. We don’t listen to your private data. It’s all yours.
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Making our planet healthier

We're helping to reduce our collective carbon footprint by investing in our networks, innovative technologies and sustainable business practices.
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