Unlock your mobile device

Information on fees plus device and account eligibility

To be eligible to have your subsidized device unlocked, your current device must have been active on the TELUS network for a minimum of 90 days. There is a one-time fee for unlocking.

If you have purchased your phone outright or do not have an outstanding device balance, you can pay a one-time fee to immediately unlock your device.


Both your device and your account must meet all eligibility conditions below. TELUS may refuse any unlock request that appears intended to defraud TELUS or its customers.

Device eligibility

  • Device is locked to the TELUS network (TELUS can only unlock TELUS devices)
  • Device is not flagged as lost or stolen
  • For a subsidized device with a Device Balance, if it has been active on the TELUS network for a minimum of 90 days
  • For a device purchased outright or without an outstanding Device Balance, no restrictions (the device can be unlocked immediately by paying the applicable fee)

Account eligibility

  • For postpaid accounts, the account is active
  • For prepaid accounts, there is a credit balance available to cover the unlocking fee
  • Your account is associated with the device to be unlocked (TELUS only unlocks the devices upon the customer’s own request)

Device Unlock charges

Device Unlock charge is currently $50 but may vary depending on your service agreement with us.

In order to verify the cost to unlock please contact us.

How to unlock your device

To unlock your device, you need to contact us.

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