How to activate your TELUS Online Security plan

Step-by-step instructions for new TELUS Online Security customers on how to get started.

Steps to activate your plan

Activating your TELUS Online Security plan is simple:

  1. Locate your enrollment email in your email inbox
  2. Select the Activate Now button

You will be directed to the NortonLifeLock™️ website.

For first-time users, create a new NortonLifeLock™️ account and follow the on-screen step-by-step instructions until you receive a message confirming that you've successfully completed the enrollment process.

If you have a previous NortonLifeLock™️ username and password, you can re-use it and your TELUS Online Security plan will be automatically linked.

Pro tip: If you already have an antivirus or an older Norton product, it is best to remove it before installing TELUS Online Security to make it easier to run. To do this, you can use the tutorial available on the Remove Norton Security Online from your devices page.

Note: You can access the installation link at any time with My TELUS and navigate to the Online Security tab and select the Register/Sign in link to download.