Preparing for your TELUS Service Appointment

Thank you for choosing TELUS. We value your time and investment, and want to ensure the installation of your new TELUS service(s) goes as smoothly as possible. The only thing you have to do is make sure the site is ready for our technicians when they arrive - our simple checklist will show you how.

Premises Access and Use

  • Provide keys and/or have appropriate building management personnel available during your appointment to provide access to the main building telephone/electrical rooms, cross connect terminals and phone closets.

    These rooms will most often be where the main power and telephone services come into your building, and may split off into your suite or unit. If we don’t have access to these areas we may not be successful with our installation.

  • Ensure clear access to the main building telephone/electrical rooms. This may require furniture or other materials to be moved so that the technician can complete their work.

  • Obtain appropriate approvals/permissions from your building landlord or manager for TELUS to access the building and/or telephone/electrical room(s), where required.

    It’s best to secure this access 24 - 48 hrs prior to your installation date, unless your building has other requirements.

  • Notify building security that TELUS will be completing work in the building, where required.

IT Support

  • Ensure that the individual that manages your IT network is available on the day of your installation

Note: this checklist is intended to highlight the common requirements for site readiness - additional preparations may be required.

If you are unable to accommodate these requirements and need more time to prepare for your service installation, please call us to reschedule at 1-844-443-6676.

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