Bring your own device and get any unlimited phone plan with no contract

Enjoy unlimited data, talk and texts for as low as $90 per month plus taxes with no commitments on Canada’s most-awarded network1.

It’s easy to bring your phone to our network

Pick your plan

Enjoy 5G+ speeds of up to 2Gbps with no data overages on our Unlimited plans.

Keep your number

Request a phone number transfer after setting up your My TELUS account.

Get your SIM card

Receive your SIM card in the mail and connect to our fast and reliable 5G network.

A hippo with three rabbits riding on its back, representing big savings on phone plans with TELUS Family Discount.

Bring your family for big savings

Select the number of people who will be on your account to see your potential monthly savings with TELUS Family Discount.

You could save $15 /mo. with 2 people
Savings of $7.50 per person

SIM options for your device


  • Activate and connect instantly with a digital SIM

  • Use multiple numbers on one device

  • Compatible with select devices

Physical SIM card

  • Receive a plastic SIM in the mail

  • Insert SIM into device to connect to our network

  • Works with all devices and SIM sizes

Experience blazing-fast speeds and reliable coverage on your phone

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Ready to bring your own device?

Get started by selecting your new plan. Choose an Unlimited plan
and enjoy unlimited data, talk and texts with no contracts.

Upgrade to a new phone and help connect Canadians in need

Get any phone for $0 upfront plus taxes. Plus, trade in your previous phone to get bill credits and we’ll refurbish it to help connect a Canadian in need or recycle it to keep it out of the landfill.

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Frequently asked questions

See more frequently asked questions in our Bring Your Own Device support article.