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Enjoy peace of mind with unlimited home internet data on a 2 year term.

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Canada’s #1 Netflix streaming experience, over 12 months running*

With a direct fibre optic connection to your home, TELUS PureFibre™ consistently ranks #1 in Canada for prime time Netflix performance. Experience state of the art streaming, with clear pictures and better sound, even when everyone in your home is connected.

*Based on December, 2019 Netflix ISP Speed Index rankings for Canada. (Spanning September 2018 – December 2019)

A direct, 100% fibre optic internet connection.

Fibre optic never degrades. That means a fast, always consistent connection, without lag or buffering delays. Unlike other providers, TELUS delivers 100% fibre to your home on a connection that will never slow down, even during peak hours.

The best home internet coverage

Say goodbye to Wi-Fi slow spots and drop offs and hello to fast internet in every corner of the home with TELUS Boost Wi-Fi.

Easily manage your Wi-Fi network

With features like pausing your Wi-Fi, running a speed test, and viewing your monthly data usage, the TELUS My Wi-Fi app is the best way to manage your home internet.

Worry-free Wi-Fi

With the TELUS Advanced Wi-Fi modem, you can browse and stream without interruption. Plus upload and download up to 3 times faster.

Great whole-home coverage

Our installers scan your home with specialized equipment, making sure you get the best possible coverage.

Smarter Wi-Fi technology

The Advanced Wi-Fi Modem always selects the best frequency – so you get the most out of your network.

4K friendly

Say goodbye to cables. Now you can stream glorious 4K content throughout your home.

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Enjoy unlimited home internet data for free with any internet plan on a 2 year term, or for just $15 a month for no term plans.

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TELUS Wi-Fi gets you online while you’re on the go. Simply look for the #TELUS network on your device.

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