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Transfer to TELUS PureFibre® today.

There’s no cost to transfer your services to TELUS PureFibre, and your monthly bill will remain the same.1 Book your transfer online in just 3 easy steps.

Your home still needs to be connected

Your neighbourhood has received a service upgrade from the copper network to the PureFibre Network® that can support your home for generations to come.
With the arrival of TELUS PureFibre, the copper network is being retired. The transfer of your existing services from the copper network to TELUS PureFibre is mandatory and comes at no cost to you.

How to transfer


Book an appointment online to transfer your services

Schedule your appointment online in just 3 minutes.

We’ll run fibre to your home

Prior to your installation appointment, we’ll make sure a 100% fibre optic cable is connected to the exterior of your home. We will not enter your home at this stage, and you usually don’t need to be home at the time.

We’ll connect your services

On the scheduled day, a technician will transfer your services to the PureFibre Network – at no charge to you. Please ensure you’re home for this visit.

How your services will improve

TELUS PureFibre is the #1 internet technology for speed and reliability.2 Lightning-fast upload and download speeds mean high definition streaming, low latency in gaming, crystal clear video calls, and the power to share photos and videos faster than you can take them.
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