PureFibre: like ‌internet with superpowers

You deserve internet that doesn’t lag or stall or grind to a halt if too many devices are connected. Internet that lets you play, stream, create, learn, browse and connect free from disappointment and frustration. You deserve that internet.12

That’s PureFibre® Internet.

An older couple make hand gestures at a tablet, a woman uses a stylus to take notes on a tablet computer and a man sits in front of a desktop computer engaging in a group video conference with several colleagues.
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You deserve internet that supports all your cooking, DIY and hairdressing research. Get internet that you can rely on.3

What makes PureFibre better

Our technology is the difference – and with so much of your day depending on your internet connection, you’ll appreciate the differences.

An image showing wavy lines.

Private vs shared internet

We don’t make you share a connection with the neighbours. We connect you directly to our network– just you.

A diagram illustrates the TELUS dedicated connection by showing individual lines connecting homes directly to the telus server.

Our Internet = dedicated connection

With us you get your own internet highway all the way into your home for fast, consistent speed.4

A diagram illustrates how other providers use shared connection by showing a single line connecting multiple homes directly to their server.

Other providers = shared connection

Other providers offer you neighbourhood internet with shared bandwidth, so the more people online the slower it gets.

A woman stares intently at a screen as she wears headphones and plays a game.

Symmetrical download and upload speeds

100% fibre connection gets you the same incredible speeds for “uploads” that you get for “downloads” and that’s a big deal if you create, chat, stream or share anything online.5

An image showing a download icon.

Download speed

measures how fast you “get” data from the internet.

Good for:

  • Browsing websites

  • Streaming music

  • Streaming video

An image showing an upload icon.

Upload speed

measures how fast you “give” data to the internet.

Good for:

  • Video conferencing

  • Sending large files

  • Online gaming

Two people and a dog wave at a friend they are video calling.

Incredible Internet speeds

Feel the need for speed? We’ve got a speed for every need.

An image showing a tablet and mobile icons.

Multiple devices? No problem

Fast enough to support all your devices doing everything you want to do.

An image showing internet speed icon.

Speeds of up to 3 Gigabit

Enjoy some of the fastest speeds available in Western Canada.6

An image showing reliability icon.

Consistent speeds, all day

No need to worry about sharing with the neighbors - the bandwidth on your private connection is all yours.

A TELUS Wi-Fi router.
Wi-FI Technology

Wi-Fi 6

Our next-gen hardware, with tri-band technology, gives you coverage throughout your house, ensuring you have a strong, consistent connection in every room on every device. Wi-Fi 67 technology also offers speeds above the previous version’s limit - so you can take full advantage of your Purefibre connection.


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