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Get the #1 internet technology for gaming.

When milliseconds matter, the fastest gamers deserve lower latency. TELUS PureFibre, the fastest, most reliable internet, delivers.

Why PureFibre is the best for gaming.

Lower latency

Because PureFibre delivers a 100% fibre optic connection right to your home, you’ll always have an edge over your competition.

Equally fast downloads and uploads

Upload and stream your game play faster than ever with consistently lightning fast PureFibre upload and download speeds of up to 300mbps.

Worry-free data usage

TELUS PureFibre 150/150 and 300/300 plans come with unlimited data so you can download all the games and in game updates without having to worry about exceeding your limit.

Worry-free TELUS Wi-Fi®

The reliable TELUS Advanced Wi-Fi modem paired with TELUS Boost Wi-Fi gives you the best home internet coverage so you can keep playing in every corner of your home.