Office Phone Call Return explained

How to retrieve the number from your last incoming call

Call Return

  1. Dial
    to hear the last number to call your line

  2. Select
    to repeat the number

  3. Select
    to dial the number, otherwise hang up

  4. If you reach a busy signal after selecting

    • Select
      at the prompt and Call Return will keep redialling the number for up to 30 minutes

    • When the line is free, you'll hear a distinctive ring

    • Answer your phone during the distinctive ring and your call will be connected

  5. Press
    to cancel your


  • Call Return works even if you're on the phone and unable to answer

  • It will not return calls to some wireless numbers or to numbers marked "Private" or "Unknown"

  • If you try returning the call and the line is busy, Call Return will automatically monitor the line for 30 minutes and notify you with a distinctive ring when it is free

  • A fee of $3 per use will apply, up to a maximum of $15 per month if not part of a bundle

Busy Call Return

If you get a busy signal and hear "This number is busy...":

  1. Select
    and then hang up to turn on Busy Call Return. Or hang up, and then pick up your phone and select

  2. Hang up again and we'll redial the number for up to 30 minutes

  3. When the line is free, your phone will make a distinctive ring. Pick it up for the call to be connected

  4. Select
    to cancel your


  • Unless you subscribe to Call Return in your Home Phone bundle, a fee of $3 per use will apply, up to a maximum of $15 per month

  • Some fax machines, modems and autodialers do not recognize the Busy Call Return recording. Select *03 to turn off the prompt for that call

  • Busy Call Return does not work with numbers starting with 280, university registration lines, some wireless numbers and very busy commercial lines

Troubleshoot Call Return

Pay-per-use block

Your account may have a pay-per-use block on it. This will prevent you from using any features that are pay-per-use, including Call Return.

Log in
to your account and check if you have a pay-per-use block added to your account. You can
contact us
to get this block removed.

Phone not recognizing * (star) commands

The most common cause for the Call Return not working is that you have your phone set to pulse instead of tone. If touch tone is not activated, the system will not recognize your commands. To fix this:

  1. On your phone, look for a switch that allows you to set your phone to
    . The switch is typically located on the side of the phone, or sometimes on the bottom

  2. Switch to

  3. Try using Call Return on another telephone in the home


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