Everything you need to know about TELUS SmartHome Security

Home Security · Jul 12, 2021

We’ve all heard of smart homes or home automation, but who knows what it really means? We do. Every day, we help homeowners improve their quality of life and security by connecting their house to smart tools.
But let’s start with a simple explanation: A smart home means a house equipped with security and automation systems that give you full control of your environment and keep an eye on your property – even when you’re not there. To see how TELUS SmartHome Security can help you gain peace of mind and streamline your life, here’s everything you need to know about this service.

Home automation for your comfort and convenience

A smart lock—unlock your door remotely
With a smart home, regulating nearly everything in your house is at your fingertips. Home automation brings together various tech tools to control, program and automate your home. You can even monitor your home using cameras. With a single app downloaded to your phone or computer, you can access:
  • A smart lock—unlock your door remotely so your neighbour can feed your cat when you’re away
  • A smart thermostat—adjust a room’s temperature in the blink of an eye
  • A smart plug for small appliances—turn the dehumidifier on in your basement without getting off the couch
  • A smart light switch with dimmer—control the brightness in your office while discussing an important project during a video call
  • A smart LED light bulb—turn the lights on at your house while you’re relaxing at the cottage to make it look like you’re home
  • A smart garage door opener—open the garage door for your brother-in-law so he can return the tools he borrowed six months ago, even if you’re at the gym or grocery store
A smart home lets you do all that and more. You’ll interact with your home environment and have full control of it. No more U-turns to check that you locked the door. That’s pretty handy!

Home security 2.0

TELUS SmartHome Security also offers a complete security system that includes cutting-edge equipment connected to a 24/7 monitoring centre. You’ll always have someone keeping an eye on your house in case of break-ins, fires, floods or other dangers that could compromise your home’s security or integrity.
This system includes:
  • Security cameras (indoor and outdoor) and a doorbell camera to see who’s at the door
  • Sensors and detectors—a carbon monoxide detector, a smoke detector, a flood sensor, a glass break sensor, a window and door sensor, and a motion sensor 
  • A control panel

A smart home for everyone

As with anything else, your home automation and security needs differ from those of your neighbour. Each property and each property owner have their own requirements and realities. That’s why you can choose the smart home accessories that will provide comfort and simplify your life every day. You also have the option of monitoring your own home using surveillance cameras or entrusting the job to a professional 24/7 monitoring centre. All told, there’s an impressive range of possibilities available to you, and it’s up to you to decide what’s right for your home and your lifestyle.
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