A house in techno mode for back-to-school

Home Security · Aug 12, 2022

Ready? Let’s go!

Back to work, back-to-school, back to the daily routine: yes, impossible to be wrong, the summer break is indeed about to end. This year, we're taking some of our load off and using our smart devices to help us make the transition smoother. The key? Just like for lunches, schedules and school supplies, we prepare in advance and involve the whole family!

A connected morning

couples eating breakfast in the kitchen
Oh weekday mornings! Once the summer break is over, it seems like you've never experienced one and suddenly, it's chaos! But cheer up, your smart devices can help get everyone back on track. As you have prepared and programmed the start of your coffee maker the day before via your
smart plug
, when you arrive in the kitchen, the delicious smell of coffee welcomes you. Breakfast is over and everyone is ready to go? You don't need to run around the house because you've created a
on your SmartHome Security app. With just one click on your phone, you can lock your front door, turn off your smart lights (and the forgotten coffee maker!), arm the alarm system and put the air conditioner on standby. Everybody out!

We don’t know how to dress anymore

Family returning home in comfort

Whether in August or September, with climate change, the weather can change drastically during the same day. But with a service like TELUS SmartHome Security, you have full control of your
smart thermostats
or smart plug-in air conditioner anytime, from anywhere through the app on your phone. Coming home will make you sigh with relief. Ah! Home sweet home!

The children’s house

Kids can easily open the door when coming back from school, using their own code.
Are your children old enough to come home from school on their own? We reduce the stress (!!!) of this step thanks to some practical functions of your SmartHome Security system. First of all, no more lost keys with an
electronic lock
that allows you to program passwords for each child, or the babysitter if needed. With the
video doorbell
, you also receive a notification when someone shows up at your door, letting you know that they have arrived home safely. Would you like to know if your oldest is doing his homework or trying to level-up in the latest online video game? Communicate with him via one of your
interior cameras
. Also practical for watching over our pets from a distance. We too often forget that for them too, back-to-school means a return to routine!

Our trendy teens

Teens can disarm the alarm system from their phone

Since most teens have their own phone, they can use it to arm and disarm the alarm system. Something to impress their friends. Is your teen great with tech? Put this beautiful creativity to good use, by asking them to program different Scenes - bedtime, vacation, alarm clock, etc. - to personalize your home automation even more. The results might surprise you. Reward them by allowing them to have their own
voice assistant
. They can use it to listen to their favorite music, set a morning alarm, set reminders or do research for schoolwork. They can even use it to call you as soon as they get home… We can always dream!

Bedtime routine

relaxing atmosphere in the kids room

A great day is coming to an end in your SmartHome. All that remains is to plan the essential ritual for this return to normal: that of going to bed. Here too you can benefit from the advantages of SmartHome Security. Ask your voice assistant to play soft music for a few minutes, or the chirping of crickets in memory of your vacation. From your
main control panel
, create a relaxing atmosphere by dimming the lights, then turn off the exterior lights after checking with the
exterior camera
that the bikes are properly stored in the garage. All you have to do is prepare your coffee… and we start again tomorrow!

Yes, it's been a busy day, but with a cutting-edge, fully customizable TELUS SmartHome system, life just got a lot easier. Find the
and the wide range of
smart products
that perfectly match your lifestyle. And long live the routine!

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