Enjoy peace of mind on vacation with SmartHome Security

Home Security · Jul 12, 2021

Gone are the days when you spent your holidays worrying if you remembered to turn the lights off and lock the doors. With TELUS SmartHome Security, regardless of whether you’re 500 km away or on another continent, you can use home automation to ease your mind and savour every moment of your vacation, knowing that your house is secure.

Can SmartHome Security keep an eye on your property or your cottage when you’re not there? It sure can! Here’s everything TELUS SmartHome Security can do while you’re away.

Switch your smart home to vacation mode

Get your smart home ready for vacation

Once the laundry is done and your bags are packed, it’s time to get your smart home ready before you leave.  

  1. Set an access code for a house-sitter (friend, neighbour or family member) to come feed your exotic fish or water your plants. This code will unlock your front door and can be configured to send you an alert whenever it’s used. If the person forgets the code, you can always unlock the door for them with your smartphone.

  2. Program your smart lights to turn on in the evening. This will give passers-by the impression that someone’s home. This tip also applies if you have a cottage and want it to appear occupied from time to time.

  3. Lower the temperature by a few degrees while you’re gone to save energy and money.

Then you can be on your way without the stress of wondering whether you closed the garage door or armed the alarm system. As long as you remembered to bring your smartphone with you, there’s nothing to worry about—you can easily check whatever’s bothering you and make the necessary adjustments from wherever you are on the planet (or almost).

Make every moment count

A comprehensive home security system will stand guard while you’re enjoying a change of scenery. When a sensor is triggered, an alert is sent to your smartphone and you’ll have the choice of calling emergency services or cancelling the alert. Security alerts are smart and customizable. They include:

  • Carbon monoxide detection

  • Water leak detection

  • Broken glass detection 

  • Motion detection

Always know what’s going on inside and around your home or cottage, thanks to indoor and outdoor cameras, and a doorbell camera. You can even keep an eye on your pets while you’re away.

Expecting a package while you’re gone? No problem! When you get an alert from the doorbell camera, open the app, exchange a few words with the delivery person, then use the smart lock to open the front door for them. Once the package is safely inside, you can lock the door again and go back to relaxing. Similarly, if you’re lending or renting your cottage to friends, you can let them in remotely or create an access code for them.

Return to home sweet home home

When your vacation’s over, make sure your return is a smooth one.

  • Set the thermostat to your ideal temperature before you get home

  • Keep or delete the house-sitter’s access code

  • Program your smart lights based on your daily routine

Simplify your life with home automation and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a home security system. Refer to the instructions online to easily program your devices, and take full advantage of your holidays or your weekend at the cottage.

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