Visual voicemail for Android

How to activate and use Visual Voicemail

Visual Voicemail lets you manage your voicemails by reviewing them in a list on your Android phone. You can listen to any message by simply tapping on it – no need to listen to instructions or prior messages. You can also rewind to any point in case you miss part of the message.

Capable Android devices

- Google Pixel
- Google Pixel XL
- Google Pixel 2
- Google Pixel 2 XL
- Google Pixel 3
- Google Pixel 3 XL
- Google Pixel 4
- Google Pixel 4 XL
- Nexus 6P
- Nexus 5X
- Essential
- LG G7 ThinQ
- LG G7 One
- LG G8X
- LG X Power 3
- LG Q60
- LG Q70
- LG Q Stylo+
- LG K9
- LG K20
- LG K30
- LG V80
- Motorola Moto E6
- Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G
- Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G
- Samsung Galaxy S10e
- Samsung Galaxy S10+
- Samsung Galaxy S10
- Samsung Galaxy Note 9
- Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
- Samsung Galaxy Note 10
- Samsung Galaxy A71
- Samsung Galaxy A20
- Samsung Galaxy A10e

Activating your Visual Voicemail

You can add the Visual Voicemail feature by logging in to your TELUS account. To do so, you will need a capable Android device and the latest Android software (Android O).

Using Visual Voicemail

When you tap the Voicemail icon, your Android phone will display a list of voicemail messages instead of dialing the voicemail system.

Any existing voicemails already saved in your inbox will remain available after the setup process is complete.

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