Updating Pik TV via the Play Store or iTunes

How to update Pik TV using the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes

Update your Pik TV media box

Keeping your Pik TV media box updated with the latest app updates ensures you benefit from any new features or fixes to existing functionality as soon as they are available. These steps should only be needed if you do not have auto-updates on in the Android settings of your media box.

To turn automatic updates on, go to Settings > Auto-update apps and select Auto-update apps at any time

  1. Press the Apps button on your remote to launch the Apps launchpad, navigate to Get more apps and press OK

Note: If you have not already signed in to your Google account you will be prompted to sign in before proceeding.

  1. Navigate to My apps
  1. Under Updates available, select Pik TV and then select Update. If multiple updates are available you can select Update all
  1. Once the Pik TV update is completed, select Open to launch your updated Pik TV app

Update your Android phone or tablet

  1. From your home screen select the Play Store
  2. Select the menu icon
  3. Select My apps & games
  4. Find Pik TV and select Update

Update your iOS phone/tablet

To manually update your Pik TV on an iOS device, refer to the instructions at Apple for how to find pending app updates and update your apps manually.

Note, Apple also provides instructions to turn on automatic updates on your device, so that the Pik TV app, and all your other apps, can get the latest updates whenever they become available.

Update your Apple TV

  1. On Apple TV, go to Settings
  2. In the menu scroll down to Apps
  3. Select Automatically update apps to turn this feature on so that you always have the latest updates. To turn this off simply click it again

If you do not want to automatically update apps then you can select Pik TV from the App Store to check if an update is available and manually update there.

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