Internet Troubleshooting: Reset your Wi-Fi name and password with My TELUS

In the event you are unable to remember or retrieve your Wi-Fi name and/or password, you can reset them by logging into My TELUS

You can retrieve or edit your Wi-Fi name and password by logging into My TELUS.

  1. Once you have logged into your account, under the Internet tab, select Wi-Fi
  2. In the My TELUS Wi-Fi section, next to Wi-Fi settings, select Edit and edit the fields you would like to customize, either your network name or password. If you have a dual-band network and your Smart Wi-Fi is off, you will see two frequencies listed that you must click to edit separately
  3. Enter you new network name and create a password, then select Save. You may choose to change both your network name and password, or just your password. If you choose to change your network name, you must enter a password, though it can be the same as your current password.

Note: Once your changes are saved, you will be disconnected from your Wi-Fi network and will need to reconnect all your devices using your new password. You may be required to forget your old wireless network in order to successfully reconnect some of your devices. Check the manufacturer's instructions to learn how.

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