Managing your internet data usage

Information and tips to help you manage your internet data usage

View your current and past home internet data usage

The best way to predict your future home internet needs is to look at your current and past usage.

You can view your internet data usage to ensure you are on a plan that meets your needs. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to My TELUS
  2. Select Internet
  3. Under the Manage your usage section, select See usage details
  4. To view your usage for the current billing cycle, select This cycle. You will find:
    • How much data you have used
    • Your data allowance
    • How many days remain in your billing cycle
    • When the usage indicated was last updated
    • Daily usage breakdown by uploads, downloads and total usage
  5. To view your past usage for the last 12 months, select Past cycles. You will find:
    • How much data you have used for the past 12 months
    • Monthly usage breakdowns by usage, data overage, and overage fee
    • Daily usage history breakdown by uploads, downloads, and total usage
    • You can also download your daily and monthly past usage details as CSV files
  6. To learn more about when you receive usage alert emails, select Usage alerts. You will find:
    • The email address where usage alert emails are sent at 75%, 90% and 100% of usage
    • Note: My TELUS usage meters can be delayed by up to 6 hours, but usage alert emails are close to real-time

View your usage history with the mobile app

You can also view your current and past usage with the My TELUS mobile app.

  1. Download and log in to the My TELUS mobile app
  2. Select the Usage tab
  3. Here, you will find:
    • How many days are left in your bill cycle
    • Your data allowance
    • How much data you have used
    • Past usage

Controlling Usage

If you find that you are exceeding your monthly data allowance, ensure you’ve taken these basic precautions:

  • Ensure your Wi-Fi is password-protected. This will prevent neighbors and others from using any of your data
  • Install anti-virus / anti-spam software. Visit
  • Turn off streaming music and video when not in use

If after taking the above steps, you find you still need more data, you can:

Understand your data allowance and charges

What impacts your data usage

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