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Who is able to use TELUS Home Assistant for Optik?

Available for all BC and AB customers with TELUS Optik TV, Internet and a supported device.

You can link multiple Optik digital boxes to one device. Make sure to nickname your boxes so that Google knows which digital box should listen to your commend.

Which languages are supported?

Today, only English commands are supported for TELUS Home Assistant.

Do I need to use my remote?

For remote functions not covered by the available voice commands, you will need to use your remote to control your Optik TV. Stay tuned for more commands to become available on TELUS Home Assistant.

Can I turn my TV on using my voice?

Not at this time. Your TV and Optik TV must be turned on using your remote.

I’m having issues with my volume control.

The Google Assistant controls the volume on your digital box and not your TV volume. For example, once you mute using your voice, you must also use your voice to unmute.

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