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Data-backed decisions made easy

Support growers more effectively to plan for the season and manage anything that comes their way. Streamline planning, reporting, budgeting, and compliance checks on and offline.

Solutions to let you work smarter not harder

  • Planning

    Improve planning with tools to build plans tailored to individual customers and farms

    Achieve greater efficiency and ease-of-use all season long, by supporting farmers with data-driven crop plans.

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  • Recordkeeping

    A single, up-to-date resource for multiple farms

    Work with growers and your team to prepare for the season and keep track of activities in the office, on the road or in the field.

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  • Production optimization

    Connect everything to get the most from every field, acre and zone

    Empower growers to operate more effectively and efficiently, by bridging the gaps between field information, agronomic knowledge, and technology.

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